Thursday, 24 May 2012

INSEAD, BOOZ & Co to Release Major Study on Corporate View of the European Union at “The State of the European Union” Conference on 31 May, Brussels (Egmont Palace)

In the current climate of economic uncertainty, each European member state has had a rough job. Governments have fallen, credit worthiness has been downgraded in the marketplace, the single currency has come under pressure and the very fabric of the European Union itself has been questioned. What does the business world make of all this?

More than 2000 senior executives were surveyed for this comprehensive survey that examines the austerity debate, Europe’s social structure, industrial competitiveness and innovation, the opinion of the younger generations and a view of Europe from abroad.

“Europe has some of the most competitive economies in the world,” claims report co-author INSEAD Mubadala Chaired Professor of Corporate Governance and Strategy Professor Ludo Van der Heyden, “ but it also has some of the worst. The biggest difference is between Northern and Southern Europe. And rather than see Brussels as part of the problem in the EU economic crisis, respondents to the survey felt Brussels could actually be part of the solution.”

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